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Welcome to Lecher Antenna

The Lecher Antenna is a subtle energy measuring device that can also be used to stimulate meridians and enhance the health of human and animals and their energy fields. It is used by energy workers, therapists and clinicians interested in measuring human compatibility and the effects of different electro-magnetic fields.

It is an energetic diagnostic tool that can be used to identify and correct health imbalances, environmental aggressions and nutritional needs and most importantly help you to select personalized treatment programmes for your self or your client. It is an energy diagnostic tool that can be used in various ways to measure the subtle energy fields around environmental and ecological substances and to measure your own and other people's energy fields.

Lecher antenna is a dowsing wand which has seen the day in the 1990s. There are several forms and different sizes, but all are based on the same physical principle: that of the lecher line. The name comes from Ernst Lecher, who was an Austrian physicist (1856-l926 Vienna) The Lecher antenna is well known in physics for measuring standing waves and static electricity. More and more the Lecher antenna is used in healing and alternative activities.

The advantage of the Lecher antenna is the accuracy. By adjusting the length of the antenna it is possible to measure very precisely wavelengths from 1.0 to 18.0 cm. These wave lengths are transmitted by all kinds of phenomena, in the medical realm, psychic experiences, in the psychic range of observations, radio frequencies, astronomy.

The Our purpose of Lecher Antenna

  • To identify the black magic & negative entities to remove it.
  • To identify the vaastu defects & Negative energy in the building.
  • To indentify the exact treatment & medicine in all therapies.
  • For precaution & prevention of diseases.
  • To identify the electromagnetic frequency in the electronic & electrical equipments link television, Computer, Fridge, mobile phone etc.,
  • TO identify the positive & negative energy in the Crystals & Gems.
  • To identfiy the water flow in the earth & check the geopathic energies.
  • To indentfiy the strength of the planets in horoscope.
  • To indentfiy chakra levels for reiki & pranic healers.

  • The principle of Lecher's wire

    Lecher Antenna is based upon Nano Technology. This technology used in atom level. It is a micro million minute but most powerful technology. By this technology, with a small space, or thing we can do many things. As per this theory our lecher antenna is functioning. In a small size we can do many more things with the antenna.

    It is more an attempt of explanation of an absolute truth. It highlights the sinusoidal way of the electrical current with bellies of tension and nodes of intensity. Any metal conductor in the space constitutes an antenna, which collects and emits at least half of what it collects. The Lecher antenna corresponds to a closed line with the one of its ends. The position of the cursor will give a specific indication:

    In quarter of wave (phy/4) = parallel resonant circuit (or open)

    In half-wave (phy/2) = resonant circuit series (or short-circuit)

    With a generator of Gigahertz, emitting in the cent metric waves, the correspondence on the antenna of Lecher can be checked. The cent metric scale of the antenna also makes it possible to appreciate harmonies with organic resonance in the electromagnetic spectrum. The human body, thanks to the antenna of Lecher, is able to select information with the lower part of the electromagnetic background noise, which does not allow the apparatus, measurements objectify subliminal.

    How To Operate The Lecher Antenna

  • Unfold the handling stick and set in gently the locking sleeves.
  • The two palms should turn skyways ready to receive the handling sticks.
  • Thumb and small finger towards the internal side (chest side) of the handle sticks. Middle three fingers towards the external side of the handle sticks, the hand skin being used as cushion. Hold it very strongly.
  • The scale readings are facing the operator, the two small holes in the bottom of the antenna should direct towards the subject whether human, animal, plant, space or object.
  • Do not unfold handle sticks without detaching the locking sleeves.
  • Parts of lecher antenna

  • Antenna Wires
  • Centimeter Scale
  • The Cursor, Movable
  • Handle
  • Sleeves
  • Base of the Antenna
  • Left Side Hole
  • Mass or Socket
  • Wire (One end of the wire should be connect to the MASS and the other end to the Antenna)

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    Terms and Conditions :

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  • Goods once sold will not be taken back and exchange.
  • Prices are subject to change without prior notice.
  • All disputes will be settled in Holistic Hands Delhi jurisdiction.
  • List of Comman Wavelengths Used





    1.35 Stagnant water    
    2.0 Pollution Death/Chronical disease  
    2.5 Copper Body heat/Human cell harmony Third Eye
    3.3   Prostate Antenna Neutralization
    3.33     Black Magic
    3.5 Radon, Natural radioactivity Jaw, Sinus epiphysis  
    4.1   Ache, Pain  
    4.2 Oil, Petroleum Stomach Animal Entities
    4.4   Heart, Coronary Karmic problems
    5.0 Water    
    5.7 Magnetic North    
    6.6 Harmful Energies Serious illness Negative Energies
    6.9 Small type of
    Curry fielddiagonal field.
    Healing Energy  
    8.0 Earth energies Telluric energies    
    8.6 Underground,
    Subterranean Geopathic Agression
    10.0 Hartmann field    
    12.0 Cosmic energies/ Channel 7th Chakra Chakra energies
    13.0     White magic Entities of high order / Pure Enteties
    14.0 Gold    
    15.3 Global energies/ Cosmo telluric channel- chest Forehead- Physical and Mental balancer  
    16.4 Ley lines   Angel Guide
    17.6 Dowsing Chakra  
    17.7     Divinity of the highest order